The Roof Will Have to be Replaced. What Now?

There are many reasons to need to have a roof replacement done on your home. You could have damage from hail or wind. A tree may have had branches fall on your house, or maybe you would just like to change the color of your roof. The most common reason to have a new roof installed, would be that it is old and worn, or leaking into the dwelling. 

The first thing you will want to confirm, is if part of your roof malfunctioned and can be repaired. It could be that something such as metal flashing not properly sealed, or an item that was overlooked during install. If it is only a repair you will need, then you may want to hold off on spending thousands of dollars on a new roof. You can find out where your situation stands, by getting three roof inspections by reputable residential roofing companies that are located in your area. They will be able to diagnose the condition of your roof, and explain what your next steps should be in getting your roofing problems taken care of.

If the majority of the roofing companies agree that you will need a new roof installed on your house, rather than a repair. It is probably time to start planning financially for your new roof, and looking at the available products that will work best with the type of roof that you have. Many roofing contractors will offer financing options, but it is almost always better to use your bank for these types of loans, as the interest rate, and hidden fees can be fairly high when dealing with loan companies.

The roofer that you choose to handle the work you do on your home, should be able to provide you with material samples, and costs for each product that you may be interested in. When you have narrowed down your options, you may want to ask for larger samples to look at, or if your contractor has any jobs in the area that you can take a look at, that have used the same colors and products you are considering using on your own home.

Once you have dealt with the difficult choices, such as who to hire, and what colors and products you want on your home. It is time for the roofing contractor to take care of the final details before the installation process can occur. They must get the materials delivered to the job site. Bring out a trailer or dumpster to hold all of the roofing debris. And schedule a date that will work best for both you and the roofing crew. At this point, you will have a beautiful new roof on your home very soon.

When the roof has been completely installed, you will then make payment for the completed work, and your roofer will provide you with the warranty for the period that the contract stated. 5-10 years is a common warranty from many roofing companies. 10 years being a solid warranty, that will give you time to make sure that your roof will be worry free for decades.

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