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In September 1943, mathematician John von Neumann had proposed a design by which a fissile core would be surrounded by two totally different high explosives that produced shock waves of different speeds. Alternating the faster- and slower-burning explosives in a rigorously calculated configuration would produce a compressive wave upon their simultaneous detonation. This so-called “explosive lens” centered the shock waves inward with enough drive to rapidly compress the plutonium core to a number of occasions its original density. This decreased the scale of a critical mass, making it supercritical. It additionally activated a small neutron supply on the center of the core, which assured that the chain reaction began in earnest at the right moment.

He discounted the possibility that the Hiroshima bomb was responsible, because of the timing of the occasions. A hot spot of fallout contaminated the river water that a paper mill in Indiana used to manufacture …