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For big-name OEMs like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and numerous other industrial companies is Valmet Automotive precisely this partner. With a historical past that goes again more than 50 years of the most progressive processes possible. A likeable companion who presents long-term production and system solutions, on a level taking part in area and with a way of duty for improvement.

Demand for it remained consistently strong, with gross sales peaking in December with a document four,310 units. That’s the second consecutive month where X50 gross sales surpassed the four,000-unit mark. Weight is another enemy of efficiency, so the EQXX has been constructed to be as light as attainable. Engineers took loads of inspiration from Mother Nature, together with for the single-piece BIONEQXX rear ground, at present the largest aluminium structural casting ever produced by Mercedes.

Some car manufacturers investigate HT-PEMFC stacks as energy source for electric drives, mainly in hybrid …