Installation of Different Types of Windows

Windows are an important aspect of the house as they let in light and are

Windows are an important aspect of the house as they let in light and are used for safety purposes. It is a challenge for homeowners to identify the type of window installed once the process is over. The installation method of your window can greatly impact the project considerations such as costs and time. Timber Windows Sydney has specialized in advising homeowners on window installation options. The two options for installation have perks and cons. They are;


Also known as pocket installation involves the frame-to-frame installation of windows. This method of installation is common in many homes where the windows don’t have leaks. Moreover, the frame is in good condition, thus no disruptions to the exterior and interior walls. The retrofit is a cost-effective and much quicker option, hence its popularity. The perks of this method are that:

  • One can upgrade the window version by replacing it
  • The upgrade is an ideal option to get an energy-efficient window

The major drawback of the pocket installation is because it cannot be a DIT project. Moreover, you may be unable to update elements of the window, such as the window frame.

Stud to stud

Also known as full-frame installation or new construction. It involves removing the window frame, window jamb, and casing and replacing them with new ones. Installers will tear out the windows of the studs. The stud to stud method is a better option for homeowners that want a new look and design. Moreover, in other cases, new flashing is added to complete the home design. The advantages of this method are:

  • It is more energy-efficient as the windows add more insulation
  • One can change the style into different shaped windows or larger ones
  • It is the best option for outdated windows and damage

The disadvantages of the stud to stud method are; it is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, the age of the home is a major factor in choosing the type of window installation process. Consult with a window contractor to get the best choice.