How to paint a new wall

Type of house architecture style used will certainly make the appearance of various types of living houses become

Type of house architecture style used will certainly make the appearance of various types of living houses become more diverse. Besides differentiated from the use of facade material building, but also the color of elegant house paint usually have its own influence. The selection of home paint colors can refer to the design of the house used. Minimalist Home design like a simple minimalist home usually tends to use white paint color because it is a simple and simplistic impression. The factor that makes the look of the home attractive not only lies from the selection of colors used only, but can also be seen from the way of the painting,

The painting of the house wall, especially the new wall of the house, is very important. An untidy paint job can affect the final outcome of the wall’s own appearance. In the process of painting the wall is divided into two ways, there are painting using Plamir and without Plamir. In this article will discuss how to paint a new wall without Plamir. The following are steps from painting a new wall without a good and true Plamir, namely:

  1. Perfect Stucco wall

To produce the perfect look of the wall, the surface should be flat. Notice from the process of plaster the walls, because it is very influential in the final outcome. When the stucco is wavy it will damage the overall wall appearance. Therefore the plaster process of the wall should be done slowly and carefully.

  1. Let the walls dry out

The finished wall of the plaster was awaited for 28 days. This is aimed at the condition of the wall completely dry before it will be painted using the type of wall paint you have chosen. The wet wall is then forced to paint, and the paint will be easily damaged.

  1. Do not coat the wall with putty

There were some people who were to coat the walls with Plamir. This is done so that the surface of the wall looks smoother and the process will also be much nicer. However, some argue to avoid the process of deevation. This is because the use of Plamir will make the wall age is not long. This coating of Plamir can cause wall paint to peel quickly.

  1. Clean the walls with sandpaper

Before painting the wall with a new color, the surface condition should be clean and also smooth. The trick is to use sandpaper with the aim of leveling the surface of the wavy walls. In this process is also done closure against perforated walls or cracks using a sealer.

  1. Apply basic Paint

Before you want to paint the walls, the wall will need to be painted first by using basic paint. Some of the basic paint uses are as one way to flatten the surface of the wall, covering the small cracks that are on the wall, to paste the paint and make the color of the paint beautiful and cool home looks much brighter.

  1. Painting the trim and brush

After the base paint is dry, you can start applying the wall paint. One part of the wall that is difficult to paint is usually the trim. To paint the corners of the wall trim, you can use a brush. How to paint should be done in one fixed direction, which is usually done horizontally. If the color of the paint with the same wall color, then the paint can be more exaggerated to the surface of the wall.

  1. Painting the wall with a roller

Not only by using brushes, so that the work runs faster you can also use the roller tool. This Roller is generally used as a tool to paint walls or other goods. Simply provide a large amount of paint that has been mixed with water, then use a roller to apply to the wall. This water mixing is used to avoid further water mixing. Because, adding water in scale can make the paint color change.

  1. Using quality equipment

In how to paint a new wall without Plamir, there are some tools that you need to use. The selection of these tools should also be sought that are of high quality so that the finish of the paint looks nicer. Some of them are brushes, roller, bucket and screen.

  1. Using the screen inside the paint bucket

The paint Embar used should be on the inside of the give screen. Screen made of metal material usually has a hole-hole surface. The use of this screen has a variety of benefits, among them is able to easily paint the wall without a lot of paint liquids. In addition, paint can also be absorbed well on the roller. It is also done to avoid the former roller on the wall. Another advantage of using screen is that you don’t have to stir the paint on the pan too often.

So some tips and tricks as a way of painting a new wall without a good and true Plamir and you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!